Good for the Gays or . . . ?

New York Times, July 29: GAY-THEMED TV GAINING A WIDER AUDIENCE. “[The] growing prime-time roster of gay-themed programming … reflects a major shift in attitudes about gay subjects.”

USA Today, July 29: AMERICANS LESS TOLERANT ON GAY ISSUES. “Americans have become significantly less accepting of homosexuality since [the] Supreme Court decision.”

Times: “Finally, television is catching up with society at large,” said Max Mutchnick, co-creator of Will & Grace.

USA Today: “Conservative social activists see a backlash to … the growing visibility of gay characters in entertainment.”

Still, the nation can’t be turning that retro-macho; an adjacent USA Today headline claims ‘SEABISCUIT’ MAKING MEN CRY.

Good for the Gays or . . . ?