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You’d think the New York Post would’ve had to search long and hard to find a columnist as conservative as the farther-than-far-right Ray Kerrison. But as it turns out, the perfect replacement was right (or was that left?) down the hall in the form of movie critic Rod Dreher. Once known as a mild, evenhanded writer, Dreher, whose column Mayor Giuliani cited during the “Sensation” controversy, has proved himself as easily riled up as Steve Dunleavy. “This is a great time to raise a glass to moral outrage,” Dreher wrote in a recent column. Cheers!

Lolita is not a great film, but it is an exceptional film, a believable film, an erotically potent and morally responsible film.”
– on Lolita

“There she is, Mi-i-iss Amer-ri-caaa – the slut!”
– on the new rules for the Miss America pageant

“Thompson devotees and admirers of Gilliam’s arresting, more-is-better visual style will find the movie a fairly potent stimulant.”
– on Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

“Give ‘em Hell, Rudy! … Keep making these supercilious snotty-tots sweat.”
– on “Sensation”

“Their insane, coke-fueled rampages lead to a reckoning that highlights how suicidal this culture’s inability to forgive is.”
– on The Wounds

“They should spend the rest of their lives as part of a jailhouse harem.”
– on the men accused of kicking a woman in the stomach until her unborn child died

“Casts a harsh light on the way inflexible social tradition can deform minds.”
– on Leila

“Remember the bad old days, when girls who got pregnant outside of marriage were forcibly married?… Turns out folks back then were onto something important.”
– on single motherhood

The Right Stuff