Broadway Unbound

“We are all competing for the same entertainment dollars in a climate where theater isn’t always first on the list.”
– Margo Lion, lead producer of Triumph of Love

The Lion King may be roaring like thunder but … it cannot drown out the lively buzz these days in … downtown playhouses.”
– New York Times

“Not since the 1992 flop Nick and Nora has such a high profile show tumbled as often as The Capeman has.”
– New York Daily News

“The show’s producers announced that The King and I will close… . Ticket sales … have dipped during Broadway’s traditional winter doldrums.”
New York Post

“New York is a different kind of beast… . Audiences here … have this attitude of ‘Been there, done that.’”
Brian Stokes Mitchell, Coalhouse Walker in Ragtime

“Broadway is breaking records and is well on its way to the highest total gross in history.”
– Variety

Broadway Unbound