Elementary, Watson

“The Yankees continued to explore trade talks for Chuck Knoblauch,
Minnesota’s All-Star second baseman.”
New York Times

“The Twins have been asking for … top prospects in return for Knoblauch.”
–Associated Press

“Yankees general manager Bob Watson … has expressed no inclination to trade any of the talented youngsters.”
Gannett News Service

“The Knoblauch trade talks . . . were the final clash between Watson and Yankees owner George Steinbrenner.”
–USA Today

“I’ve enjoyed my stay here to the extent one can enjoy it.”
–Bob Watson

“The Yankees, who were hesitant to include their prospects… , decided that the opportunity to land Knoblauch was too good.”

“He gives the Yankees the perfect double play partner for Derek Jeter.”
–New York

“Knoblauch is a gamer . . . but he will go to a lot of dinners by himself.”
David West, Twins pitcher and ex-teammate of Knoblauch

Elementary, Watson