Finale Offer

“NBC wants to be the master of Madison Avenue’s domain by charging … a record price for commercial time during the final episode of … Seinfeld.”
–The New York Times

“Media buyers doubt NBC will reap the $2 million per 30-second spot.”
–Daily Variety

“NBC is currently ‘floating’ the price – a standard network sales tactic to see what the market will bear.”

“Everything is supply-and-demand, but it can go right until the end. Waiting till a week before the program is no problem at all.”
–John McSherry, Director of Media Research, TN Media

“NBC licked its lips yesterday with news that 50 advertisers want to hawk their wares.”
–New York Daily News

“Advertisers will likely have one response to coughing up $2 million for a 30-second spot on NBC’s Seinfeld finale – fuggedaboutit!”
New York Post

Finale Offer