Sign of the Times

“The swastika-like Manji appears on the front of … CBS’s prime-time studio in Nagano, and was seen during Olympic coverage last weekend.”
New York Post

“This Buddhist symbol has to do with solar movement. It’s important to remember the German swastika goes counter-clockwise, but the Buddhist has a clockwise direction.”
Vishakha N. Desai, Asia Society

“Far more apparent was the Nike Swoosh, which was pasted all over the
apparel of the network’s announcers.”
Associated Press

“That has a pretty big impact for Nike. You’re talking about seventeen days of prime-time coverage.”
Fred Fried, Integrated Sports International

“CBS … has turned its announcers into billboards.”
–AP online

“CBS did … minimize the views of the Manji symbol. We would be so lucky if a similar strategy were employed for the Swoosh.”
The Arizona Republic

Sign of the Times