Spin Cycle: Civil Disobedience

“Mr. Giuliani said again that he would not talk to Mr. Greene the Grammys honcho who shouted at a mayoral aide until he had heard genuine contrition instead of a ‘phony apology.’”
New York Times

“If you want to abuse a member of my staff, abuse me and see if you get away with it.”
Mayor Giuliani

“Greene insisted that he spoke to the mayoral aide ‘in a very civil manner.’”
New York Post

“We are big supporters of Giuliani… . We’re very hopeful that we can kiss and make up soon.”
Michael Greene

“It was wrong of me to yell and scream at a member of your staff… . It was wrong of me to threaten to kill her … it’s not going to happen again… . That apology, I accept in a second.”
Mayor Giuliani

“An apology is only sincere and real when it is given privately. Real grown up people handle things quietly. Apologies are not supposed to be media events.”
Letitia Baldrige, etiquette authority

Spin Cycle: Civil Disobedience