Spin Cycle: All Jacked Up

“Strangers carved up Camelot yesterday and carted off auctioned pieces of John F. Kennedy’s legacy … after his children reached a last-minute settlement with the auction’s major donor.” –Boston Globe

“Caroline and John Kennedy should feel satisfied that they have kept faith with their parents’ privacy … by taking the actions necessary to recover these items.” –Paul G. Kirk Jr., Chairman, Kennedy Library Foundation

“Sparsely attended and sometimes lackluster, the … auction that had alarmed the Kennedy family began … with low bids and some lots going unsold.” –Detroit News

JFK SALE NETS CAM-ALOT! –New York Post, early edition

JFK SALE A BUST –New York Daily News, early edition

JFK SALE IS CAM-E-LITTLE! –New York Post, late edition

“I’m just glad some things are going low enough that regular people can afford them.” –Robert White, the auction’s main collector

Spin Cycle: All Jacked Up