Spin Cycle: Razor’s Edge

“Gillette introduced its triple-blade Mach 3 … aimed at … men.”
Associated Press

“The company will have invested more than $1 billion on the new product by the time the launch is over.”
–Financial Times

“The company’s shares, which rose 3 percent … in anticipation of the product introduction, fell by about the same amount yesterday … put off by Mach 3’s price.”
–New York Times

“Gillette did not say when a women’s version of Mach 3 would be available.”
New York Post

“I think it’s appalling to spend that much money on promoting a razor when men don’t shave as much as women.”
spokesperson for Women’s Services at Gay Men’s Health Crisis

“It’s ridiculous that items such as razors are gendered in the first place.”
–spokesperson for the National Organization for Women

Spin Cycle: Razor’s Edge