You Should Live To Be 120

* “We shouldn’t take Israel for granted. This really is a momentous occasion to say, ‘Here we are 50 years later!’” – Dr. Adena Berkowitz, consultant to Hadassah

* “I had four radio interviews, one TV interview, I was in Bryant Park with Mayor Giuliani… . That’s enough for one day.” – Shmuel Sisso, Israeli ambassador

* “All 1,100 residents were treated to Israeli food… . We sent a bus into the Riverdale parade which residents and youngsters decorated in balloons and Jewish stars.” – Daniel Reingold, Hebrew Home for the Aged

* “We haven’t done anything special, but maybe we’ll put Israeli salad
on sale.” – Paul Whitman, Fischer Brothers & Leslie, kosher food shop

* “We have enough work to do here to worry about Israel’s independence. We’re very busy here. – waiter,Ratner’s Dairy Restaurant

You Should Live To Be 120