Spin Cycle: Name-calling

* “Naming rights for baseball parks have gone as high as $100 million… . A Shea or a Yankee Stadium would exceed that … by considerable amounts.”
Mayor Giuliani

* “There is no magic figure, but in the New York market that kind of number is not unreasonable, depending on the length of the terms.”
–Rick Horrow, Horrow Sports Ventures

* “Naming rights for an arena in Manhattan could sell for much more than they would for a new ballpark in the Bronx.”
– Daily News

* “That number’s crazy. Maybe a hundred million over a number of years.”
–Jim Ross, Florida Marlins vice president

* “Yankee Stadium …does not need to be replaced. The evidence shows that Yankee Stadium … could stand another 75 years.”
–Spokesman for Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer

* “I know most of the public disagrees with me. I think ten years from now, they’ll say, ‘Mayor Giuliani made the right decision.’ ”
Mayor Giuliani

Spin Cycle: Name-calling