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David Zinczenko
Men’s Health
“Let’s just say the magazine isn’t the only thing seeing an incredible boost in circulation.”

Keith Kendrick
Loaded (in Britain)
“Before Loaded, I edited a women’s magazine, and women wanted to have sex with me because they thought I was in touch with my feminine side. Now I’m surrounded by rancid postpubescent men, and women think I’m some kind of porn baron. The result: less sex.”

Keith Blanchard
“Editing Maxim has let me supplement my, ah, humble natural gifts with advice from more than 50 issues of sex columns, virtually all of them written by women. So in a way, every time I have sex with my wife, it’s like climbing in bed with all those girls.”

Greg Gutfeld
“It’s easier to approach women. ‘Hi,’ I’ll say. ‘I’m the editor of Details – it’s a men’s magazine.’ Nothing breaks the ice like a good laugh.”

Dan Peres
“Frankly, editing has probably had a negative effect on my sex life, because at the end of the day it’s hard for me to get excited about anything other than Details.”

David Granger
“I am more virile than ever.”

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