Survivor: Manhattan

THE ALLENS: If you liked Ozzy and Sharon, you’ll love Woody and Soon-Yi! Surprise run-in with Mia Farrow’s clan (filming their own show) in episode six. Martin Bashir hosts.

I’M A CELEBRITY! GET ME IN HERE! C-list figures try to talk their way past a velvet rope. Tag line: “Do you know who I am?” Starring Shoshanna Lonstein, Anthony Haden-Guest. Narrated by Sylvia Miles.

AM I STILL HOT? A day in the life of Tina Brown.

THE UPPER WEST SIDE MOLE: The tenants in a Riverside Drive building attempt to figure out who among them has the rent-controlled lease. Rated MA-14 for violence and adult content.

AMERICAN IDLE: A cab takes six hours to get to La Guardia.

MIKE BILLIONAIRE: Gorgeous young women compete for the attentions of the mayor. The finale reveals him to be $6 billion short of his expected income.

Survivor: Manhattan