Butt In!

Is that the Financial Times you’re reading? No, it’s Butt.

Oh, of course, the Dutch gay magazine. Well, they are both pink. Right. This is their New York issue.

Just in time for Gay Pride. Yup, and since American gay media is shamelessly hypercommercial (Out loves gay-for-pay straight actors), Butt—created by Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers—is a breath of fresh air, with its gritty fashion-meets-porn aesthetic. Contributors include art stars Ryan McGinley and Wolfgang Tillmans.

But will it fly at Beige? Well, Dior and YSL advertise, and there’s a Marc Jacobs Q&A titled “Friendly Homosexual Fashion Designer Likes Dogs but Finds Fashionable Men Terribly Unsexy.”

How charming. And affordable, too ($12 at St. Mark’s Bookshop), for an arty Euro import.

Butt In!