Switch Hitters

Last week was a sad one in the Bronx. But even die-hard Yankees fans had to be a little moved by the Red Sox’s historic comeback. Or did they? The day after Game 7, we surveyed 100 people randomly on the corner of 42nd and Fifth.

Were you rooting for the Yankees or the Red Sox?

Yankees 65
Red Sox 29 (!)
Neither 6

Even if you were for the Yankees, can you admit that you’re happy for the Red Sox?
37 Yankees fans —or 57 percent—said yes.

“They’ve got Dominicans on there. I’ve got to root for my boys,” said David Rodriguez. “I was disappointed, but it’s about time,” said Ryan Ruiz, who hails from Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx, “like Jenny from the Block” (in fact, J.Lo’s mother was his teacher). “They have more heart than any team I’ve ever seen,” said Ray Eng.

But will you root for them in the Series?
Only 43 percent of Yankee fans said yes.

Superstitious Minds
Has the Curse been lifted?
37 percent of Yankee fans said yes (“Let’s just hope it’s not the start of a Yankees curse”), as did 55 percent of Red Sox fans (clearly tempting the Fates). And almost everyone who said no said the same thing: The Curse ain’t over till they’ve won the World Series.

Assessing The Blame
Who’s most to blame for the Yankees’ defeat?
Brian Cashman 3
Gary Sheffield 8
Kevin Brown 10
A-Rod 12
George Steinbrenner 14
Joe Torre 17
Other 36
“How about Jorge Posada? He didn’t do shit.”
“The people. We didn’t support them enough.”
“The wrath of God is upon them.”

The Kerry Connection
John Kerry’s a Beacon Hill resident and, of course, a Sox fan. Do you think their win is good for Kerry or bad? Do you feel there’s some odd connection between his fate and the team’s?

54 percent of all respondents said it’s good for Kerry.

But 63 percent believe there’s no connection between his fate and that of the Red Sox. “I hope there’s a connection,” said Jane McCormick. “The underdog has won round one. I’m hoping we’ll win round two.”

Razor Burn
And finally, should the Yankees allow facial hair next year?
59 percent of all respondents said yes.

Switch Hitters