Exit Kerry

On Election Day, as exit polls boded well for Kerry—until they didn’t—we conducted one of our own at several polling places in the city. Would people really leave the country? And what were they thinking about campaign 2005?

Did you vote for Kerry or Bush?
Kerry (78)
Bush (20)
Nader (1)
Wouldn’t say (1)

What do you think was Kerry’s biggest mistake?
“Focusing too much on Vietnam.”
“Not strong enough on national security.”
“Teresa Heinz.”
“Mary Cheney.”
“Not having a real plan for Iraq.”
“Too intelligent for America.”

With a Bush victory, would you think about moving out of the country?
Twenty-two percent said yes.
Where? France was the most popular destination, with three votes. Other choices: “A French-speaking country—I’m learning,” Hong Kong, Italy, London, Montreal, Asia, Spain, Ireland, and Botswana.

Who should the Democrats run for president in 2008?
Hillary Clinton (23)
John Edwards (8)
“Not Hillary” (6)
Barack Obama (5)
Joe Biden (2
Al Gore (2)
Bill Clinton (2)

Bush supporters: What’s the first thing you’d like to see him do next?
“Lower taxes.”
“Continue the war against Islamic fundamentalism.”
“Clean up the mess in Iraq.”

Kerry supporters: What is the one thing you most hope Bush won’t do?
“Appoint a judge who’ll overturn Roe v. Wade.”
“Declare another war.”
“Wake up on Inauguration Day.”

The Next Big Race
If the 2005 mayoral election were between Bloomberg and Gifford Miller, who would you vote for?
Bloomberg (40)
Miller (21)
Who’s Gifford Miller? (18)

Bloomberg versus Freddy Ferrer?
Bloomberg (48)
Freddy Ferrer (19)
(Ferrer wasn’t exactly a springboard for debate either, but respondents were20 percent less likely to look dumbfounded upon hearing his name.)

What do you think of the proposed West Side Jets stadium?
For (28)
Against (51)
Don’t know (21)

And finally, do you think, in the privacy of his voting booth, that Bloomberg pulled the lever for Bush?
53 said no.

Exit Kerry