The Liza Minnelli Challenge

Photo: Globe Photos

In his lawsuit against estranged wife Liza Minnelli, David Gest claims the singer became violent and gained “remarkable force and strength” while drinking. Now Minnelli’s chauffeur and karate-champ former bodyguard are accusing her of beating them in drunken rages as well. Could the diminutive chanteuse really pack such a wallop? We brought twenty-pound barbells to a party and made revelers do reps throughout the night for our own highly unscientific experiment into whether alcohol really can turn a lightweight into a bruiser.

10 P.M., Sober
Marie - 5 reps
Josh - 25 reps
Shireen - 2 reps
Maya - 12 reps
Ingrid - 13 reps
Rhee - 1 rep
Roric - 7 reps

10:45 P.M., After Two Drinks
Marie - 9 reps (increase of 4)
Josh - 30 reps (increase of 5)
Shireen - 5 reps (increase of 3)
Maya - 14 reps (increase of 2)
“Liza doesn’t have anything on me!”
Ingrid - 15 reps (increase of 2)
Rhee - 2 reps (increase of 1)
Roric - 11 reps (increase of 4)
“I knew signing up for the Yale Club gym would pay off. It’s the only gym I know that has a bar downstairs.”

Midnight, After Two More Drinks
Marie - 0 (decrease of 9)
Asleep on the couch.
“I think Liza’s bodyguard should carry me upstairs and tuck me into bed.”
Josh - 50 reps (increase of 20)
“I think I could beat up a bodyguard right now. How tall is he?”
Shireen - 7 reps (increase of 2)
“This is the worst party I’ve ever been to.”
Maya - 11 reps (decrease of 3)
“Liza, I’ve let you down!”
Ingrid - 11 reps (decrease of 4)
Rhee - 4 reps (increase of 2)
“If I had a bodyguard or a husband, at this point in theevening I’d ask them nicely to leave.”
Roric - 17 reps (increase of 6)
Starts singing “Wilkommen.”
“If I had a bodyguard, I’d kick him in the nuts. I’m Liza fucking Minnelli. I’m the star! I’m the star!”

The Liza Minnelli Challenge