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Photo: Eliot Shepard

For Terry Iacuzzo, being a psychic is no big deal, considering she grew up with four of them in Buffalo: Mom and Dad dabbled, brother Frank went pro for the Post, and sister Rosemary practices online. Sarah Bernard talked to Terry about her new memoir, Small Mediums at Large.

Did you know I was going to be calling?
I wasn’t surprised.

So, when did you realize you weren’t like other kids?
We grew up knowing there was some other texture to our lives, but when I got to school, I was terrified. They’d think I was cheating at hide-and-seek. And I was, psychically. In high school they loved it. I did readings in the locker room with the tarot. Somebody would be watching out for the nuns.

Did you want to avoid the family business?
I wanted to be a tap dancer. I was Frank’s assistant for a while and I saw what he was going through. It’s hard on the body. But one day someone said, “I want you to read for me.” And she sent me to some really big, famous people.

Do you ever work with cops?
I won’t. My brother has. It wipes you out to go on a crime scene where maybe a child had been murdered. The killer is looking at you.

What do you do to relax?
I watch TV, I go to the movies. I go for a margarita. I tried yoga. You know what, I can’t be in the room where people are shedding their woes, because I pick it up. I’m, like, in a meteor shower of people’s stress. That happens in restaurants. People are often most vulnerable there because they’re hungry. There’s a lot of rage.

Where do you get psychic indigestion?
Do you know Spring Street Natural?
I think it was a kind of place that junkies hung out in before it was a restaurant.

Are New Yorkers more or less interesting to read for?
New Yorkers are easy to read—they have a lot going on. Outside of New York, it’s housewives who are having affairs.

When you start dating someone, do you already know how it’ll end?
Falling in love makes me angry; I just find it a big distraction. I always knew what was going to happen at day one.

Was that good or bad?
Well, I live alone. But I’m very happy.

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