Troubles in Paradises

East Hampton Star: “Beach-permit season can be a hazardous time for those working on the … front lines. ‘One time a guy slammed the door so hard the glass shattered, he was so mad,’ [clerk Carole] Brennan said. ‘I’ve had them jump over the counter at me.’ On at least one occasion, she pushed a panic button under the counter to call for the police.”

Cape Cod Times: “Ron Smolowitz, [Falmouth’s] first bog inspector, resigned … [saying] he had essentially been stripped of his responsibilities. He also said … he had been asked not to participate in certain bog-related discussions. ‘I am not a political person,’ he said. ‘I am a technical person.’ ”

East Hampton Star: “An effort to shift the New York City–bound bus stop in Amagansett away from the driveway of an emergency medical technician … resulted in a petition signed by 30 ‘distraught homeowners.’ … [Town Councilwoman Pat] Mansir said that when she saw the wet concrete, she was tempted to get a shovel and dig it out, and would now like to take a jackhammer to it. ‘I was mad. It looks like somebody’s buried there.’ ”

Block Island Times: “It appears that termites have arrived on Block Island. The tiny insects … have long been thought absent from the island. But an idly curious pest controller poking around [found some]. Other pest control companies … were frankly incredulous … ‘Saying you found termites on Block Island is like saying you’ve found an elephant.’ ”

Nantucket Independent (editorial): “There is a theory afoot that suggests some members of the planning board have an agenda that purports an anti-managed-growth platform—specifically, a loosening of our zoning laws. During a recent … meeting, [board member] Alvin Topham called chairman Barry Rector a liar and an embarrassment to himself, his profession, the commission, and the community of Nantucket.”

Troubles in Paradises