No-Showtime at the Apollo

Play of the Week
Bloomberg’s steadfastness on the terror alert, declaring that he’d continue to ride the subway himself; ignores the risk of being accused of trying to dodge the fallout from his refusing to attend the Apollo debate that night.

When asked about Bill Bennett’s hypothetical crime-fighting strategy—aborting black babies—Ferrer asks an aide whether the campaign has issued a statement on Bennett, goes silent for ten seconds, comes up with an anodyne answer.

Bloomberg strategist Bill Cunningham chalks up the debate-hooky to a conflict with the Jewish holidays.

Ferrer’s TV ads are MIA because he’s low on money (his camp says debate-gate did their work for them so they held off).

(Likelihood of a come-from-behind victory for Ferrer vs. a Bloomberg blowout.)

No-Showtime at the Apollo