The 1010 WINS Quiz Never Stops

Photo: Photographs Courtesy of 1010 WINS

(1) Once co-owned a station in Wisconsin.

(2) Worked with Soupy Sales.

(3) Accosts men on the street.

(4) New Hampshire native.

(5) Princeton, ’78.

(6) Doesn’t want to be considered an icon.

(7) Co-author of The Mafia Handbook.

(8) Heard each hour at :15 and :45.

(a) Judy Deangelis,Anchor
(b) Steve Torre,Sports Anchor
(c) Sandy Kenyon,Entertainment News
(d)John Montone,Reporter
(e) Lee Harris,Anchor
(f) Juliet Papa, Reporter
(g) Ron Amadon, Anchor
(h) Stan Brooks, ReporterSee the Answers

Answers: (1) e (2) a (3) d (4) g (5) c (6) h (7) f (8) b

The 1010 WINS Quiz Never Stops