Hurry Up Freddy!

Play of the Week:
Mike stuffs and mounts a couple more of Freddy’s prime demos by getting the endorsement from City Council member Margarita Lopez and hiring failed Manhattan-borough-prez candidate (and self-proclaimed gay hero) Brian Ellner in the same week.

Ferrer questions Bloomberg’s decision-making on subway terror alert, and smacks headfirst into city’s rally-round-the-mayor instinct.

Two for the Money:
Stories about Bloomberg’s obscene campaign spending overtaken by stories about Ferrer’s being abandoned by the Big Dem Donors.

Yankees lose, depriving Bloomberg of high-ratings vehicle for TV ads and freeing more space in collective attention span for Ferrer.

Some politicos were buzzing that Freddy’s campaign supposedly had internal polls showing a spread of less than ten points—but Ferrer insiders deny their existence, and the Marist and Quinnipiac polls were staggeringly in Bloomie’s favor.

(Likelihood of a come-from-behind victory for Ferrer vs. a Bloomberg blowout.)

Hurry Up Freddy!