Rachael Ray’s Husband-Lawyer Also Sings in a Band, But Not A Very Appetizing One

All was not so yummy at Rachael Ray’s launch party last week for her new food magazine, Every Day With Rachael Ray. Guests were happily noshing on mini-pizzas when Ray took the stage and announced that her husband’s band would play a set of original songs in the next room. “The D.J. was spinning old-school hip-hop, and next thing you know, we were lambasted by something that sounded like a lame high-school indie band,” says an attendee. Ray’s husband, John Cusimano, whom she wed in September, is the lawyer for both Ray and her growing empire. And his band is called the Cringe, so presumably he’s aware that the public isn’t always so kind. “They were, well, atrocious,” says an attendee. The room cleared after one song, and the crowd edged back into the room with the D.J. Ever a loyal wife (and client), Ray and her family watched the entirety of the Cringe’s 45-minute set. “They were the only ones left in there,” says the partygoer. Next: Aaron Sorkin “Fires” SNL’s Lorne Michaels

Rachael Ray’s Husband-Lawyer Also Sings in a Band […]