Flooding the Zone:
Bloomberg’s inescapable—he’s on TV, in your mailbox, and even has robo-calls from Harvey Weinstein and Oscar de la Renta. (Computer-chip brain implants still in development.)

Play of the Week:
Ferrer sharpens his attacks—he blasts the Nets arena as being a developer giveaway and resurrects “two New Yorks” line. Will it play at the debates?

Freddy’s about to start doing publicly what until now has been confined to aides: attacking the press for failing to scrutinize Bloomberg.

Poll Dance:
Two polls give Bloomberg a whopping 31-point lead—and a Times poll shows Mike winning among Dems. His soaring numbers make his aides fearful that voters will stay home, figuring he’s got it locked up. Ferrer’s only hope?

(Likelihood of a come-from-behind victory for Ferrer vs. a Bloomberg blowout.)
Off-the-charts landslide.