August 13, 2001

Photo: Mitchell Gerber/Corbis

Wintour Says Yes to Sex
It looks like Anna Wintour is ready for Sex and the City after all. As we reported last week, Wintour was having doubts about allowing the HBO show to film at herVogue offices because she was worried about how the show would portray her. However, the fashion-bible editor has warmed to the idea. We hear Wintour is close to signing a deal in which at least one episode–about Carrie Bradshaw getting a job at the magazine–will be shot at Condé Nast’s Times Square headquarters. “Carrie is a writer, and all writers in this city have to supplement their income,” an HBO rep tells us. “Vogue is the top, so of course Carrie would go to the top.” Wintour doesn’t have to worry about seeing herself–or someone playing her–on Sex. HBO has promised there will be no Wintour character. In other Sex and Condé Nastnews, we’ve learned that Glamour’s new editor-in-chief, Cindi Leive, has signed Sex co-executive producer Cindy Chupack to write a monthly column about dating and relationships, starting in the November issue.

Kattan: Not Ready for Prime Time
Saturday Night Live may be on summer hiatus, but cast member Chris Kattan is still keeping late hours. Kattan was spotted shopping in Sephora in the Flatiron district last week for hangover remedies, including an Astara face mask to eliminate puffy eyes. “It was about four o’clock in the afternoon, but he looked like he had just rolled out of bed,” our spy reports. Apparently he wasn’t feeling very friendly. As soon as Kattan realized he had been recognized – he overheard two teenage girls whispering about him – he paid for his goods and bolted for the door. His rep confirms Kattan was hurting: “He was out drinking with his friends until seven in the morning. “Kattan wasn’t the only star in the store at the time. Tony winner Mary-Louise Parker was at the opposite end of the shop checking out the self-tanners.

Betsey Johnson’s Fresh Hell
All Betsey Johnson wanted was minty-fresh breath – but it almost cost her $500. The fluffy-haired designer was pulled over in East Hampton recently after sharp-eyed police officers spotted a piece of tattered cellophane flying out of her car window. Miffed by the misguided Altoids wrapper, the cops ticketed her for littering. Johnson sent her representative to contest the allegation and preserve her record in East Hampton town court, with some success: The ticket will be dismissed, provided nothing else unintentionally leaves her hands before January. “It was definitely an accident,” says a spokeswoman for Johnson. “She feels really horrible about it and would certainly never litter.”

Screenwriter Gets a Feel for Dialogue
You could say Dan Bucatinsky had a ball while writing the screenplay for All Over the Guy, which opens this week. In one hysterical scene, Bucatinsky, who also stars in the romantic comedy, squirms as his mother (played by Andrea Martin) teaches him how to do a testicular self-exam. “When I moved to L.A. several years ago, my mother” – Brooklyn Heights psychotherapist Myriam Bucatinsky – “did mail me this hanging testicular-self-exam contraption,” Bucatinsky tells us. “It was a sweet gesture, but I’m sure she never intended for me to write it into a movie.”

Late Night With Stephen Baldwin
Party regular Stephen Baldwin loves having his picture taken, except when he’s dancing with a trio of gorgeous young things at two in the morning. When an in-house video crew started filming Baldwin’s menage à quatre at a Maxim party at Suite 16 last week, the actor tried ducking behind the females, then threw a fit when the crew kept rolling. “He started shaking his finger at the producer and told her she had to stop filming him,” a spy reports. The crew backed off, and Baldwin continued to party into the wee hours – after pulling a baseball cap over his eyes.

Bull Market on Broadway
Urban Cowboy: The Musical is moving closer to Broadway – via the West Village. Co-producer Leonard Soloway tells us there will be a three-week workshop of the show (adapted from the 1980 movie starring John Travolta and Debra Winger) at the Westbeth Theatre starting at the end of October. Director and writer Phillip Oesterman and co-writer Aaron Latham are heading to Nashville soon to cast an unknown local as Bud, the role made famous by Travolta. Soloway denies it, but we hear Winger’s character, Sissy, will be played by Natasha Diaz. If all goes well, the show could debut on Broadway as early as March.

Original Director: Praying for a Lot More Sin
Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas’s erotic thriller, Original Sin, barely made it into theaters. It was originally slated to open last November, but then it was pushed to March. Three weeks before that opening, MGM moved it to August 3. Director Michael Cristofer tells us that conservative members of the ratings board are to blame. The sex scenes were so racy, he ended up showing the board about eight different cuts of the film before it finally agreed to give Original Sin an R rating. “The film is about sexual obsession,” says Cristofer. “So the more obsessive and graphic the sex scenes are, the stronger the story.” Cristofer says he manipulated the board into signing off on some really explicit scenes by including longer versions of them when he first showed the film.”If it’s five minutes and you know the scene only has to be about two or three minutes, that ends up being a huge concession to the ratings board,” he says, laughing. “But I don’t think I should be telling you this, because now the board’s going to be laying for me next time.” Cristofer plans to include all the cut footage in an unrated DVD version.

Eminem Wants to Wipe Out His Enemies
The folks at Bloomingdale’s aren’t laughing at Eminem’s bathroom humor. The potty-mouthed rapper – along with Missy Elliott, Ludacris, Vibe editor-in-chief Emil Wilbekin, BET hosts AJ and Fre, and Jimmy’s Bronx Cafe – was invited by the Enyce clothing company to design a Back to School window display for the Third Avenue store. Eminem’s ideas, however, didn’t get a passing grade. The hip-hop star proposed an Eminem mannequin sitting on a toilet reading a copy of Vibe. The toilet paper would feature pictures of his longtime enemies Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Bloomingdale’s nixed the concept. Eminem’s next idea was to have his mannequin in a bathroom – sans toilet paper – scrawling FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL BRITNEY …on the wall. Again, the window wasn’t approved. As of press time, Eminem and Bloomingdale’s were still negotiating over what to do. “We like to present tasteful things in our window,” Kal Ruttenstein of Bloomingdale’s told us. “The toilet would have been very hip, but in our opinion not tasteful and not what would please the Bloomingdale’s customer.”

Heche Coming Out Right Before DeGeneres
Even though they broke up two years ago, it looks like Anne Heche is still able to use Ellen DeGeneres’s fame to her advantage. Heche wasn’t scheduled to publish her memoir, Call Me Crazy, until 2002, but the book will hit stores on September 5, just eleven days before DeGeneres hosts the Emmy Awards and twelve days before the debut of her new CBS sitcom, The Ellen Show. DeGeneres calls the timing “just another thorn in her side,” according to a friend of the comedian. “She says it’s contemptuous.” Heche’s editor at Scribner, Lisa Drew, insists it’s a case of sheer coincidence. Drew says Heche wasn’t contracted to hand in her manuscript until October, with a publishing date sometime in 2002, but she happened to finish her first draft in about six weeks while traveling in Italy in the spring. Fearing that contents of the book would be leaked if they waited, Scribner decided to push up the pub date. (Heche is already set to spill all to Barbara Walters on 20/20 on September 5.) “I didn’t even know Ellen DeGeneres has a new sitcom,” Drew says. “I promise you that had nothing to do with our thinking.”

Tom Selleck: Falling Down on the Job?
Tom Selleck caused quite a scene outside the New York Public Library’s main building on Fifth Avenue on a recent afternoon. Passersby were stunned to see the ex-Magnum, P.I. hunk – who’s currently starring in the Broadway revival of A Thousand Clowns – rolling around on the ground, sticking his head through the windows of stopped cars, and screaming “Who wants a photo with a drunk Tom Selleck?” at bewildered tourists. “People were pretending not to notice him, but he was acting totally drunk,” one astonished onlooker told us. A rep for the play confirmed that the crazed man was indeed Selleck but insisted that no booze was involved. “We’re doing a publicity campaign, and this is part of it,” the spokeswoman offered. “There were cameras hidden inside a parked truck.” The rep offered no other details but insisted Selleck’s shtick will air on a national TV show in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

D.J. extraordinaire Victor Calderone is used to remixing dance hits for superstars like Madonna, Sting, and Destiny’s Child. Now he’s going classical. We hear the Brooklyn-based Calderone is currently in talks with opera diva Inva Mula – who will star in La Bohème at the Metropolitan Opera in September – to remix one of her arias into a dance single.

With Catherine Townsend and Aric Chen.

August 13, 2001