December 3, 2001

Photo: Frank Micelotta/Image Direct

Some Naked Truths About Victoria’s Secret Models
It may be hard to believe, after watching the Victoria’s Secret models flaunt their skimpily clad stuff on ABC, but modesty has not gone out of fashion. Caroline Ribeiro was so nervous about looking a little too naked that when she saw how one of her corsets covered her thong in such a way that it looked like she wasn’t wearing underwear, she pleaded with stylists to let her slip on a mini-skirt. (They said no.) Tyra Banks and Daniela Pestova, on the other hand, came prepared: Their contracts include waist-to-knee clauses giving them the option of wearing a skirt or a robe. “They don’t just want to wear a pair of panties or a G-string,” explains our source. Pestova was so shy, in fact, that she demanded that backstage hands assemble a makeshift dressing room of two rolling racks covered with fabric so no one would see her getting undressed. The same source also told us that many of the models – but definitely not Banks and Heidi Klum – had rubber “chicken cutlets” stuffed in their bras, boosting their top shelves by a cup size: “Even Gisele got them.”

Cone Gives Wells a Ring-ing Endorsement
Former Yankees pitcher David Wells got quite a surprise recently from his best friend and former teammate, David Cone. Cone gave Wells his 1999 World Series ring – a fourteen-carat white-gold band topped with a three-carat diamond – while they were hanging out at a fund-raiser thrown by Wells, Noel Ashman, and Joey McIntyre at Veruka for local firehouses Ladders 8 and 20 and Engine 55. “Cone showed up at about ten o’clock and just walked over to Wells and handed him the ring,” an onlooker reports. Fellow partygoers Kid Rock, Pamela Anderson, Penny Marshall, and Jayson Williams cheered them on. “No one was more upset than Cone when Wells was traded in 1999” to the Toronto Blue Jays, the onlooker says. Cone didn’t explain why he waited until now to give him the ring, but that didn’t matter. “When Wells took a look at the ring, he just said, ‘Oh my God,’ and gave Cone a hug.” But Cone isn’t lacking in the ring department. He has four others – three for the Yanks and another for Toronto.

Kristin Davis Stays Grounded
Kristin Davis isn’t flying commercial these days. The Sex and the City star had agreed to present an award to Helmut Swarovski and his daughter, Nadja (both of the Swarovski crystal company), at last month’s Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars gala. But she backed out when she learned that the private jet she was supposed to take from L.A. to New York wouldn’t get her to the party in time. An insider tells us that Swarovski execs offered to book Davis on a commercial flight, but she refused. “She only wanted to be on that plane,” our source says. Davis has reason to be jittery. On the morning of September 11, she was at Kennedy Airport on an American Airlines flight that was about to take off for Los Angeles.

Vagina Monologues Goes Global
The Vagina Monologues is bound for China. Eve Ensler tells us that her controversial work will open there for the first time next year – unofficially titled “China Vagina” – as part of V-Day 2002, a three-month-long series of anti-violence fund-raisers that begin on February 1. Ensler is hoping to win over conservative audiences in China as she did in Antarctica a few months ago, where a handful of men showed up to protest the show, but ended up becoming fans. To help observe V-Day in several cities around the world, Ensler has enlisted a number of celebrity pals: Rosie Perez will join her in a small Puerto Rican village in March, while Gloria Steinem and Naomi Campbell will be co-hosting festivities for V-Day South Africa. Meanwhile, Ensler says there’s no truth to reports that Madonna will be joining the London production of Monologues, but she admitted that “Madonna would be a powerful vagina.”

The Hilton Sisters Take Tokyo
It’s hard enough to explain the Hilton-sisters phenomenon here in New York, but now it looks like the duo has established a presence in Japan. At last week’s launch of handbag label Samantha Thavasa at Henri Bendel – attended by Iman, Izabella Miko, and Rebecca Weinberg – Nicki Hilton was mobbed by the Japanese press. “Some of the reporters and photographers there didn’t know who Iman was, but they recognized Nicki immediately,” one onlooker said. Hilton was then handed a new issue of JJ, Japan’s Lucky-like magazine, which featured her and her sister Paris. Reports our witness: “There was a ten-page spread of pictures showing them at, like, every party they’ve ever been to.” Had the photographers wanted more, all they had to do was follow Nicki for the rest of the night. She was later seen at the Park celebrating Russell Simmons’s memoir, Life and Def: Sex, Drugs, Money and God, and then at the dual birthday party at Suite 16 for publicists Marla Weinstein and Greg Link.

With Catherine Townsend and Aric Chen.

December 3, 2001