January 7, 2002

Photo: Associated Press

Naomi Campbell, Cub Reporter
Naomi Campbell is trying to break into TV. While Campbell was partying at Sean “Puffy” Combs’s recent Rockefeller Center ice-skating bash for his Sean John Boys clothing line, our spies overheard her talking about a show she’s been developing that would combine travel pieces with celebrity interviews. Another source tells us she recently met with executives at the Style network. “Basically, she just travels around the world and is like, ‘Here I am in this fabulous place and talking to this fabulous person,’ ” the source reports. Campbell’s proposal includes a segment in which she’d tag along with Combs as he visits Shirley MacLaine, who would tell him about his past lives.

New York Jets: Shrek-Mates
Not only is Shrek a bona fide Oscar contender, he’s also become the unofficial mascot of the New York Jets. Most recently, the green ogre led the team onto the field before it overcame the Cincinnati Bengals in the last minutes of the game with a 15?14 win, while thousands of fans donned Shrek ears. However, when Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson, the co-directors of the hit DreamWorks movie, first heard about Shrek’s new fans, they didn’t know what to make of it, since neither knows much about football. “Are the Jets baseball or football?” Jenson asked us over lunch recently at Fresco by Scotto while they were in town promoting the movie’s DVD release. Adamson quickly proclaimed his innocence. “I’m from New Zealand,” he said. “I only know about rugby.”

Drew Barrymore’s Home Video
Despite Drew Barrymore’s marital woes (citing irreconcilable differences, her husband, Tom Green, filed for divorce on December 17), the actress is going forward with plans to move into the two-story Hollywood Hills home she bought after her Beverly Hills home burned down in February. The house – which includes views of the ocean as well as of downtown L.A. – has quite a history. It’s been rented out many times for music videos and stood in for Frank Sinatra’s Palm Springs home in the HBO movie The Rat Pack, but we wonder if Barrymore knows about the more adult-themed work that took place on the premises: an Internet-only porn rip-off of the reality show Big Brother. Sex Survivor 2000 featured 28 porn stars locked away in the house with 44 Webcams broadcasting their every move as they competed in such sexual challenges as the “Great Dildo Scavenger Hunt” and “Blind Man’s Muff.”

Richard Simmons Throws His Weight Around Barneys
Just before the holidays, Barneys patrons were startled to find Richard Simmons – dressed in his signature white parka, white tank top, white leggings, and white sneakers – assuming the role of impromptu salesman. “He was surrounded by fans – mainly middle-aged women,” says one amused onlooker. “He got behind a tie counter and started yelling out, ?Hey, you guys, you should all get these ties.’ ” Soon Simmons was waving merchandise around and announcing that it was 70 percent off (except that it wasn’t) and directing customers to the store’s free gift- wrapping.

Green: What I Really Want to Do Is Write
Could Mark Green really be considering a job with the most rabidly conservative tabloid in town? At actor Alan Cumming’s recent birthday party at Cynthia’s restaurant in Chelsea, we overheard the soon-to-be-former public advocate reiterating his desire to do some television and radio work, but we were shocked when he said, “I’m in talks with the New York Post to write a column.” Green’s rep says his boss has no such aspirations: “He must have been kidding.” A rep for the Post insisted that the paper never talked to Green about contributing.

Mug Shot: Liv Tyler’s mom, Bebe Buell; sister, Mia; and fiancé, Spacehog rocker Royston Langdon, were spotted rummaging through the party bags at the Ziegfeld Theater premiere of The Lord of the Rings to make sure they got bags containing the Burger King glass featuring Liv’s character, Arwen. And who was that helping unload the 1,100 bags while the movie played? Star Elijah Wood’s 17-year-old sister, Hannah. She was more than happy to help, she said, because she had already seen the movie four times.

Night Moves: We hear that Matthew Kenney – the man behind Canteen, Commune, and the newly opened Commissary – is branching out into the nightlife business. An insider tells us that Kenney is teaming up with Spy creator Frank McHugh to open a new nightclub in the meatpacking district. A rep for the yet-unnamed boîte confirmed that they plan to open the place by March but declined to give the exact location.

With Catherine Townsend and Aric Chen.

January 7, 2002