April 29, 2002

Photo: Associated Press

Mariah Calls the Play
Mariah Carey raised some eyebrows in Boston recently when she was spotted bumping and grinding on the dance floor with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The pop diva, in a slinky little black dress, got cozy with the 24-year-old MVP of Super Bowl XXXVI at the pre-graduation bash she threw for her cousin Shawn McDonald at Anago on April 13. McDonald, the 25-year-old Harvard law student who was named one of People magazine’s Top 50 Bachelors last year, introduced Brady to Carey shortly after the party began. “They were definitely flirting,” a fellow partygoer tells us. “They were deep in conversation for hours.” Carey’s no stranger to sports-star romances. She and Derek Jeter had a short-lived fling in 1998.

Guy Ritchie Snatches Man From Scam Artist’s Clutches
Mess with film director Guy Ritchie and expect to hear from him. Adam Atkinson, a musician in Barbados, was recently contacted by a casting agent who said he was working on Ritchie’s new movie. The agent explained that Ritchie’s wife – that would be Madonna – saw Atkinson on a BBC reality show about the hotel where his band, Desire, performs, and she told Ritchie he should consider Atkinson for his flick. Atkinson immediately sent off his head shot, but things got fishy when the agent explained that Atkinson would have to pay for his trip to London for the audition and that he should send him a check for $5,000. Through some friends, Atkinson reached one of Ritchie’s assistants, who quickly figured out that the so-called casting agent was a scam artist. But it didn’t end there. When Ritchie was told the story, he gave the crook a call. “Guy pretended to be my agent,” Atkinson tells us. “He strung him along for a good five minutes. But then he said, ‘Do you know who I am?’ The guy said no. And then Guy goes, ‘I’m Guy Ritchie.’ The guy just shat himself and hung up.” No one has heard from the scammer since. On a happier note, Ritchie did ask Atkinson to send along his head shot and promised to consider him for future projects.

’N Sync: It’s Gotta Be You, and You …
’N Sync boys JC Chasez and Chris Kirkpatrick couldn’t decide which woman they liked best during some recent partying at Cream on the Upper West Side – so they settled for a harem. A fellow clubgoer tells us that while the two were holding court in the club’s VIP area, they started pointing at some scantily clad females gyrating on the dance floor. Their burly bodyguards were then instructed to bring them over. “Each guy picked out three different girls,” our clubgoer reports. Most of the attention was given to one woman dressed in a fishnet unitard, a bustier, and hot pants. “She was dancing on the tables,” our spy says. “And there were girls dirty dancing and touching each other.” As the lights went up at about 4 a.m., everyone piled into a couple of Lincoln Navigators after the ‘N Sync–ers were heard talking about continuing on at a suite at Trump International. Where was Britney Spears’s ex, Justin Timberlake? He only stayed at the club for about 45 minutes, but as “Page Six” reported, he and Lance Bass were later spotted licking whipped cream off female patrons at Brother Jimmy’s on the Upper East Side.

Tony Blair Cooks Up a Ruckus
When Tony Blair calls, people cook. Well, at least London bad boy chef Gordon Ramsay does. Ramsay, author of Just Desserts, was in New York recently to join Kitchen Confidential author Anthony Bourdain for a book signing and cocktail party at the Campbell Apartment in Grand Central Terminal to benefit the Windows of Hope Family Relief Fund. But just hours after landing here, Ramsay got a call from Blair’s office. The prime minister wanted Ramsay to cook dinner for him and some friends at his restaurant in Claridge’s hotel back in London. Ramsay jumped on the next plane – while organizers of the fund-raiser were left scrambling to call the 200 expected guests to tell them the event was postponed indefinitely.

Nude, or Something Like It
Melissa Errico wasn’t too thrilled when she learned she had to do a bedroom scene in Life or Something Like It, the new romantic comedy starring Angelina Jolie and Ed Burns. She persuaded director Stephen Herek to cast her husband, sports broadcaster Patrick McEnroe, as the man under the sheets with her. “I didn’t want some skanky guy that I didn’t know, so I told Stephen that I had a naked man waiting back at my hotel,” Errico tells us. Herek even decided to give McEnroe a couple more scenes as – what else? – a sports broadcaster. “He loved it,” Errico says. “He didn’t have to do anything except make out with me and do a quick sports broadcast.”

Soprano Singing Duet:
Sopranos star Jamie-Lynn Sigler is off the singles market. Sources on the L.A. set of the recently wrapped eXtreme dating, an indie comedy film starring Sigler, Amanda Detmer, Devon Sawa, and Andrew Keegan, tell us Sigler has quietly been dating her manager, AJ Discala. Sigler’s rep confirms that the relationship – he’s been her manager for about two years – turned romantic a few months ago.

With Catherine Townsend.

April 29, 2002