July 25, 2002

Kim Cattrall’s Tête-à-Tête
Warning! If you’re a Sex and the City fan and don’t want to know what happens in the season finale, stop reading this. A source tells us that the episode, filmed last week in New Jersey, features Samantha (Kim Cattrall) in a topless catfight with a busty guest at what is supposed to be a Hamptons pool party. Actress Melissa Short – a co-star of the raunchy Off Broadway play Birdy’s Bachelorette Party – plays a bitchy double-D diva in hot pants and pumps who disses Samantha’s more diminutive dimensions. She tells Samantha that her philandering ex-boyfriend Richard (James Remar) never would have left her if she had more cleavage. At which point “they rip their bikini tops off and start comparing assets,” our spy tells us. When we reached Short, she refused to provide details, but said her character in Birdy’s is actually based on Samantha: “I do a bathroom-stall sex scene that’s meant as an homage to her.”

Ross Bleckner and J. C. Chasez Take in the Sights
Kelly Klein knows how to get the music started. About two hours into the recent fifth annual Dance at Sunset at the Sunset Beach Hotel on Shelter Island, D.J. David Chang’s sound system blew a fuse and co-host Klein had to run around frantically to fix the mishap. Two hours later, the music died again for another ten minutes. Between power outages, a very wide-eyed ‘N Sync–er, J. C. Chasez, was squeezed between two bikini-clad women for some bumping and grinding to his band’s hit “Girlfriend,” as Alex von Furstenberg sprayed them with Taittinger champagne. Chasez backed off when Chang put on Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” and ogled the two women from the sidelines as they did their own dirty dancing. Chasez wasn’t the only one getting an eyeful. As co-host Ross Bleckner surveyed the dance floor with Claudia Cohen, a young man wearing only a pink Hello Kitty towel walked by. Cohen cooed to Bleckner, “Oh, he’s definitely your type.” For the record, Bleckner just smiled and made his way home. The bash raised more than $100,000 for the AIDS Community Research Initiative of America.

Kalman Sporn Makes a Run for It
He’s raised enough cash to take out full-page ads announcing his candidacy for New York State Assembly representative from the Upper West Side, but Kalman Sporn insists he can’t afford to pay a restaurant tab from over a year ago. In May 2001, Sporn threw an elaborate dinner party at Marika (now known as Compass) on the Upper West Side for 30 friends – but his check for $5,001.75 bounced. Restaurant manager Don Evans says Sporn returned a few days later with $2,000 in cash and promised to be back soon with the rest. “He gave me this sob story about how the market was down, and he was being harassed by the government because he had traveled to Switzerland and he was friends with Denise Rich,” says Evans. He tried to contact Sporn over the summer, but his calls went unreturned. So he took the matter to small-claims court – and won a judgment for the $3,000 balance. Evans says that as recently as two weeks ago Sporn promised to pay: “He says he just can’t afford it right now, but when I pointed out that he has the cash to run for office, he got off the phone really fast.” Sporn claims the party was thrown by his former company KalmanSporn.com, which has since gone bankrupt, and that the restaurant will eventually get its money, but he doesn’t know when.

Lizzie Grubman: Fashion Victim
In case you haven’t seen enough Lizzie Grubman headlines, former New York Post reporter and current Men’s Health contributor Doug Dechert is marking the anniversary of the crash – and the launch of Scandalmonger.net – by peddling shirts emblazoned with the New York Daily News cover from July 17, 2001, which reads “WHITE TRASH” BOUNCER CLAIMS LIZZIE WAS DOING DRUGS, for $19.99. Dechert has printed only 480 shirts but hasn’t ruled out using Grubman’s image in the future. “When I wore one in the Hamptons, people were trying to buy it off my back,” he said. “Who knows? Mugs and hats could be next.”

GREEN ACRES: After years of renting, Mark Green has finally bought his own place in East Hampton. “I waited until after Barbara Kopple’s documentary so that the prices would be so depressed that we could afford a place north of the highway,” he tells us. He and his wife, Deni Frand, had originally planned their housewarming for August 3, the same day as People for the American Way’s fund-raiser at Marjorie Loggia’s estate. “But I didn’t want to have a competing party,” he says. Green’s bash is now set for August 10.

Presidential Suite: Laura Bush was spotted shopping at ABC Carpet & Home near Union Square last Thursday. She put a hutch table from the Monkey Hill shop on hold along with about a dozen chairs from the Toad Hall department. After snapping several Polaroids of her selections, she cooed, “This would be perfect for Camp David.”

With Catherine Townsend.

July 25, 2002