An RNC Index

Total cost of the convention: $166 million

Reported amount that Bloomberg personally contributed: $7 million

Amount that will be spent on security: $76 million

Amount of the security costs the federal government will pay for: $50 million

Amount city officials predict the convention will add to the local economy: $250 million

Amount Boston officials predicted would be added to Boston’s economy: $154 million

Amount actually added: $14.8 million

Number of delegates and alternate delegates to the RNC: 4,853

Number of hotel rooms reserved for delegates and convention staffers: 18,000

Monthly price of RNC Host Committee CEO Bill Harris’s room at the Ritz-Carlton (paid for by the committee): $9,500

Most expensive Craigslist sublet during the convention: $40,000 for a three-bedroom in Trump World Plaza

Number of protesters staying for free at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Harlem: 30 to 50

Number of protesters arrested the day Bloomberg announced a tourist discount program for them: 4

Total number of people arrested at the Democratic convention: 6

Number of police who will patrol around Madison Square Garden: 10,000

Overtime that will be paid to cops: $28 million

Overtime paid during the February 2003 antiwar protest: $5 million Cost to renovate the Farley Post Office, where media will be headquartered: $3.8 million

Cost to journalists for a microdermabrasion skin treatment arranged by the host committee: free

Regular cost: $185

Total number of hours ABC, CBS, and NBC will each devote to convention coverage: 3

Number of hours NBC is devoting to the Olympics: 226

An RNC Index