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A Rumor’s Currency
While Mayor Bloomberg continues to angle for reelection in 2005, we hear hizzoner is considering an alternate career: president of the World Bank. Before announcing his mayoral candidacy in 2001, Bloomberg listed the position as one of his four dream jobs—the others being president of the United States, secretary-general of the United Nations, and mayor of New York. As current World Bank president James Wolfensohn approaches the end of his term in 2005, our source tells us, Bloomberg has been eyeing the post and has expressed renewed interest. “If he could get the bank job, he wouldn’t run,” says the source. “That’s total nonsense,” counters the mayor’s press secretary, Ed Skyler. “The mayor is focusing on his job as mayor and intends to be reelected.”

Theodora RichardsPhoto: Globe Photos

Honky-Tonk Women: Chelsea Peers
Rock-star behavior must be genetic. One partygoer reports seeing 20-year-old Elizabeth Jagger and 19-year-old Theodora Richards—the mini-skirted model daughters of Rolling Stones Mick Jagger and Keith Richards—on the receiving end of lap dances at Chelsea’s Privilege strip club on February 25. “They were with a group of about nine guys, and the girls were really getting into it,” says our stunned source. “And then the girls started making out and the guys were going nuts.”

A Host Of Problems: Political Party
Even his wife’s zeal for politics can’t motivate Larry David to behave himself. Larry and Laurie recently hosted a fund-raiser for Senator Barbara Boxer at their Pacific Palisades home, but the Seinfeld co-creator spent the evening acting like his alter ego on HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. While Boxer and Bill Clinton were giving speeches, David wandered around the house annoying people. “He started interrogating the Secret Service about how they got their jobs. One guy said he interned, and Larry was like, ‘Oh, so you interned? And now you have this big job?’ ” says a guest. David also refused to believe Clinton’s handlers when told the former president wanted to say good-bye to him. “Larry was like, ‘Me? No, I couldn’t,’ ” says the guest. “So Clinton was waiting around, and then finally Larry was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ ”

“I think it’s a crime—their fries are the only good thing on their menu.”
—Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin chef, on McDonald’s eliminating its SuperSize French fries.

The Dissed List: Vanity Un-Fair
If you’re not an A-list celebrity, trying to get into the Vanity Fair Oscar party can be a humbling experience. Marvin Davis, the 78-year-old billionaire oilman and former owner of 20th Century Fox, and his wife, Barbara, got invited to dinner last year only after pleading with Condé Nast honcho Si Newhouse. And this year, they were told to arrive post– 9 p.m., so they boycotted the fête, attending InStyle and Elton John’s AIDS benefit instead. Meanwhile, Joan Rivers was overheard carping about being left out of the VF affair, though she and her daughter, Melissa, have attended in the past. A magazine spokeswoman confirms that Rivers was not on the original list, but someone from her office did request an invitation, which was granted by party king Graydon Carter. It was never sent: “Unfortunately, it was one of those queries that somehow got lost in the shuffle.”

Model Behavior: Romeo Ratner
Director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, Red Dragon) has a fetish for Victoria’s Secret models. He was spotted at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Oscar weekend with Naomi Campbell, who has been telling friends that they’re dating. Given Ratner’s history of modelizing (he was once engaged to Rebecca Gayheart) and Campbell’s tendency to launch inanimate objects during temper tantrums, there’s always a chance that someone’s going to get hurt—physically or otherwise. In fact, Ratner was later spotted making out with Victoria’s Secret model and Playboy Playmate Irina Voronina at supermodel Karolina Kurkova’s 20th-birthday party at the Standard. Campbell’s rep insists she’s in a “longstanding relationship” with textile tycoon Matteo Marzotto, whom she jetted to Italy to visit after the Oscars.

Offshore Grilling: Becker’s Boîte
Sagaponack restaurant Alison by the Beach has relocated. The name was a bit of a misnomer anyway, as it’s nowhere near the ocean, but Alison by the Highway would have had less commercial appeal. Owner Alison Becker Hurt has now moved to what was once 95 School Street in Bridgehampton with her chef, Robert Gurvich. It will open April 7 as Alison’s.

The New Nude Thing: Hot Shot
Hipster photographer and photographer of hipsters Ryan Mcginley, 26, will have an exhibition this summer at MoMA affiliate P.S.1 of new photos taken outside New York City. The show, which will run from June 8 through September 27, will feature more nude shots similar to the ones in McGinley’s show at the Whitney last year—many from his recent trips to Europe. “Some are nude group photos taken at night,” says a museum spokesperson, “and some are group trampoline photos of people mid-air.”

Still Casting About: De Niro lowers his sights on the Upper East Side.
Former Tribeca loyalist Robert De Niro is still scouring uptown for a new home. Last fall, we reported that the actor’s offer of $24 million for an Upper East Side townhouse had been accepted but then De Niro backed out. He recently put his triplex penthouse at 110 Hudson Street on the market for $14 million, and was spotted checking out both Richard Gere’s $9.5 million, 3,800-square-foot condo at 817 Fifth Avenue—and a $12.5 million penthouse at the Hubert, a new Tribeca development, though the penthouse has since been sold to someone else.

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