Liv Tyler: That’s the Ticket

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Liv Tyler may be pulling in millions for her role in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but even she can’t bear the thought of having to pay $105 for a parking ticket. The Aerosmith heiress was recently spotted at the corner of Bleecker and 11th streets making a mad dash toward an illegally parked black Land Rover that had been discovered by a traffic agent. “Liv almost knocked me over,” a bystander tells us. “She was in full drama mode, eyes wide open, like she was about to slay some ogres in The Lord of the Rings.” We’re told that Tyler fought valiantly, shouting, “No, no, please stop—we’re about to move.” But alas, the agent was unswayed by her elfin charms. “She finished filling out the ticket and slapped it across the SUV’s windshield,” our witness reports.

Lauren Bush knows that it’s better to give than to receive—except when it comes to a Harry Winston watch. The First Niece and supermodel was at the Winston flagship store on Fifth Avenue last week to unveil a $25 million holiday tree trimmed in Ethel M chocolates and jewels when she was presented with a $15,000 limited-edition diamond-encrusted Avenue timepiece. At first, Bush insisted that she really couldn’t accept it, and suggested that the jeweler donate it to the Knowledge Is Power Program, a nonprofit educational program for underprivileged kids, some of whom entertained at the event. But when she was told that the jeweler had already written a $2,500 check to the charity, well, that seemed good enough for Bush. She quickly picked out a black satin strap for her new watch.

In the liner notes of her new CD, Jennifer Lopez thanks her longtime hairstylist

It appears Mary-Louise Parker and Billy Crudup are looking for some new digs. A source tells us that the couple has been checking out apartments in the just-completed Sky Lofts at 145 Hudson Street in Tribeca, where prices range from $3.4 million to $6.5 million.

Vanessa Carlton—who’s become an MTV fixture with her hits “A Thousand Miles” and “Ordinary Day,” off her platinum debut album, Be Not Nobody—has won herself a loyal teen following with her sensitive, emotionally charged songs. But apparently there’s such a thing as being too sensitive. “I have gone off birth-control pills,” the 22-year-old singer recently told one of our sources. “They had completely screwed up my system. I was crying and writing the most depressing songs. The last thing I need is more estrogen. I am already too sensitive, as are my songs.” In fact, Carlton—who was linked to Third Eye Blind front man Stephan Jenkins—says the pill made her absolutely loony at times. “I was in a hotel in Seattle with a big window overlooking the bay,” she told our source. “I kept staring out the window, thinking how cool it would be to be a whale. I was having all these weird delusions.”

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Liv Tyler: That’s the Ticket