Colin Farrell: G.I. Jane’s Latest Recruit

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Demi Moore is definitely back. Not only does she appear in the sequel to Charlie’s Angels, but we’re told she’s found herself a new Hollywood romance. A spy at the Chateau Marmont after the Golden Globe Awards tells us that Moore, 40, was on the prowl for Colin Farrell, the 26-year-old Irish hottie who co-stars with Al Pacino in the upcoming Recruit. After finally being introduced and chatting it up a bit, our spy says, they eventually got into a prolonged liplock in the lobby and then, during a party in a mutual friend’s room at the famed Hollywood hotel, continued to make out like a couple of giddy teens. As we know, Moore is no stranger to celebrity dating. The former Mrs. Bruce Willis has been linked to Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, and, most recently, music bigwig Guy Oseary.

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is at it again. As we reported about this time last year, Combs spent a staggering $60,000 on invitations to his Sean John fashion show for last year’s Fashion Week. This year, he’s upped the ante. We’re told the 1,000 invitations to his show on February 8 at Cipriani 42nd Street cost $75,000, or $75 apiece. The invite is an elaborate pull-drawer box, stamped with the Sean John logo in black foil, which contains a black-on-black T-shirt emblazoned with the words HARD SEXY & BEAUTIFUL. Tags hanging from the shirt will be used for seat assignments and entry to the show. Combs’s last show cost about $1.2 million to produce, our source reports, “and it will definitely exceed that this year.”

“Page Six” has a long history of bashing Bill Clinton, but that didn’t keep the former president from stopping by Richard Johnson’s desk last week while Rupert Murdoch was giving him a personal tour of the Post’s newsroom. At first, onlookers had a chuckle because Clinton was standing next to a framed front page with the screaming headline BILL CHEATED ON ME! over a photo of Monica Lewinsky. Then, after chatting with Clinton for a bit, Johnson offered him reporter Chris Wilson’s copy of beer-and-babes magazine Stuff. Clinton didn’t take the bait: “I don’t want to touch anything that will get me on ‘Page Six’ again.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to play rough. In Simon Doonan’s upcoming book, Wacky Chicks, Janet Charlton, gossip columnist for the Star supermarket tabloid, claims that while she was dating the Terminator, before he married Maria Shriver in 1986, he loved to horse around in public. “We used to go to parties and go into another room and make slapping and screaming noises and pretend he was beating me up to freak everyone out,” Charlton tells Doonan, the famed Barneys window dresser. Charlton says the relationship fizzled because he wanted eight kids and she didn’t want any.

LOST AND FOUND: We hear that Beyoncé Knowles lost a one-of-a-kind Bulgari platinum bracelet containing 390 diamonds at CAA’s Golden Globes after-party at Chaya Brasserie. The songbird and her friends went scrambling throughout the restaurant to look for it. A panicked Knowles told the manager, who sent his staff on the hunt as well. We’re happy to report that an eagle-eyed busboy found the bauble on the floor about an hour later. ART ON WHEELS: Larry Gagosian has proved that the art world hasn’t exactly suffered during the harsh economic downturn. The high-flying gallerist—who owns outposts on the Upper East Side and in Chelsea as well as in Beverly Hills and London—was recently overheard on the East End, where he has a home in Amagansett, swooning over his latest acquisition: a $670,000 Ferrari Enzo. Gagosian already has at least one Mercedes and two Porsches, but this latest addition—one of an already sold-out limited run of only 399—will top them all. “It’s so fast,” he bragged, “I’ll be the first one at Nick & Toni’s next summer.”HOUSE HUNTING: Between attending the National Board of Review awards in New York and picking up her Golden Globe in Los Angeles, Renée Zellweger made a stop on the East End, we hear. A source tells us that the Chicago star is looking to buy a home in the Hamptons. She may want to have a look at the Warner LeRoy estate in Amagansett. The late restaurateur’s 50-acre compound went on the market last summer for $25 million but dropped to $23 million in November and to $17 million last week. Kay LeRoy—Warner’s second wife—“is very eager to sell,” broker Tina Fredericks tells us. “It’s a tremendous drain on her. It’s a past life.”

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Colin Farrell: G.I. Jane’s Latest Recruit