Lara Flynn Boyle: Seeing Double


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Everyone may have been laughing at the ludicrous pink ballerina outfit Lara Flynn Boyle wore to the Golden Globes in January, but Boyle certainly doesn’t think there’s anything funny about it. We hear that the actress agreed to attend Glamour magazine’s third annual “Don’t” party on May 8 in Los Angeles, where guests were invited to dress in their absolute worst outfits. However, when Boyle found out what the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Cindi Leive, was planning to wear that night—a custom-ordered replica of designer David Cardona’s pink fiasco—she decided to stay home. Leive not only wore the $825 ensemble but even used hair extensions to mimic Boyle’s pink-bowed ponytail. The look was so convincing that when she arrived, photographers started shouting at her, thinking she was Boyle. “It was a ‘Don’t’ party, so this wasn’t too hard to think up,” Leive told us. She was disappointed Boyle was a no-show: “I thought we’d have a good laugh about it together.”

You’d think that by now, Harrison Ford would have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He doesn’t, but for many years he thought he did. We’re told that Ford always assumed that the star with his name on it at 6667 Hollywood Boulevard was his. Then, recently, someone informed him that it was for a silent-film actor of the same name who died in 1957. Ford’s rep denied all this, saying, “He always refused to have a star because he always said one was enough. He thought it was funny.” Sure, whatever. Ford’s finally agreed to get his own, to coincide with the release of Hollywood Homicide next week. It will be about two blocks from the other Ford star.

It’s been all downhill for Greg Todtman since he was axed from The Bachelorette as a quarterfinalist competing for Trista Rehn’s heart. First, he got arrested for cocaine possession at JFK (the charges were dropped). Then, when a date with him was auctioned at the Jacob’s Cure charity event, nobody bid. Now he’s chasing a bartending job. The New York native answered an ad in the Village Voice for bartenders at Show nightclub. Chad Cooper, the club’s promotions director, says that usually only female bartenders are hired, but “I think there’s a pretty good chance.” If Todtman’s luck improves, he can look forward to a cool $300 to $600 a night, with tips.

Don’t expect baseball legend Yogi Berra to check out Nobody Don’t Like Yogi, a play about his life starring Ben Gazzara. Berra is angry that the project, running through June 1 at Sag Harbor’s Bay Street Theatre, was put together without his cooperation. We’re told that after he threatened to sue, Gazzara called members of Berra’s family, who act as spokesmen for him, and promised to make some changes. Berra’s family backed off. Berra’s son Dale insists there’s no friction, but when asked if his family was happy with the play, he would say only that the play is not authorized. A rep for the theater says she doesn’t know of a rift.

STAR WARS: First it was the Swamp, then Swa, and now it’s the Star Room, but perhaps not for long. Jeff Goldstein, who partnered with Star Room owners Scott Gray and Scott Storbo last summer, has taken legal action to keep the name now that he’s left to run Southampton’s Tavern and East Hampton’s Bamboo. Storbo refuses to give it up. “It was the Star Room before Goldstein was hired,” says Storbo. “And it will be the Star Room now that he’s been fired.” Goldstein denies that he was fired and insists that he improved on Gray and Storbo’s original plan, which involved celestial décor and a planet-themed menu, by drawing Hollywood stars like Renée Zellweger, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Adrien Brody to the Wainscott restaurant and nightclub. “We worked hard all summer to get the right clientele,” says Goldstein.“I’m not sure the new management can uphold the integrity of the brand.”

BOSOM BUDDIES: Heather Graham and Johnny Knoxville don’t like seeing a friend go hungry. On a recent Friday, the two bumped into moviemaker Jim Hershleder outside the Bubble Lounge, where he was celebrating the premiere of his feature film directorial debut, Ash Tuesday. Hershleder said he was famished, so Graham and Knoxville gave him their leftovers from Nobu. Later, Graham and Knoxville were spotted together at Welcome to the Johnsons, a bar on Rivington Street.

What: NEMO Fashion Party, benefiting the Lypmphoma Research Foundation.Who:
Celebrity shutterbugs David LaChappelle, Mario Testino, Bruce Weber andSteven Klein expected to attend with a fashion show by David Dalrymple forHouse Field and a performance by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.When and Where: Tuesday, May 22 from 7:30pm to midnight at the Roxy (515 W. 18thStreet, at Tenth Avenue).Tix and Info: or call (212) 349-2910, x 209

Lara Flynn Boyle: Seeing Double