The Paris Hilton Sex Tape…Nicole Miller Gets Real…A Royal Pain


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Porn With A Silver Spoon
Paris Hilton may want to go back to that farm on her reality show—and never return. Her ex-boyfriend Rick Solomon is telling friends that he’s got a pornographic home movie of him and Hilton having sex and plans to sell it on the Internet. Solomon, an online-gambling entrepreneur, briefly dated Hilton earlier this year after he separated from his wife, 90210 bad girl Shannen Doherty. Hilton insists there’s no video—at least that she knows of. “He’s a complete liar and scumbag,” she said last week in Ibiza, where she was vacationing with—of all people—Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis. “He is a very sick man. People love to talk shit because they’re jealous. I don’t care. Whatever.” Meanwhile, Hilton has another mess to sort out. Buzz has it that Kwiat Diamonds is suing her, claiming that she still hasn’t returned a bracelet they loaned her for the Oscars. Hilton declined to comment on that, as did a Kwiat rep.

NOVEMBER 2003 UPDATE: The tape surfaces in newsrooms and on the Internet. The big question? What can do Paris do to salvage her image?

Cause Celeb: Curious George
Jason Alexander hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be a struggling actor. He called us last week to tell us about Jessica Sheridan, a 39-year-old cast member with the national tour of The Producers. Alexander—who met Sheridan when he joined the show for its Los Angeles run—is outraged that the management company at the Camelot building on 45th Street, where Sheridan has a rent-stabilized apartment, is suing to evict her because her 66-year-old mom, Ruth, has been living there. Melohn Properties claims Mom is an illegal subletter; Sheridan insists otherwise. “Jessica is getting screwed,” Alexander said. “But on a bigger level, if they establish this as a precedent, any actor on tour can get thrown out of their apartment. I just want to help her out and get some attention for her. If nothing else, these guys could be embarrassed into backing off.”

All The Rage: A Royal Pain
Tempers flared at Robert Wilson and Louis Vuitton’s Watermill Center benefit. We’re told that Jaime de Marichalar, the king of Spain’s son-in-law, verbally assaulted two artists-in-residence, Cuban natives Damian Aquiles and Tania Bruguera. As dinner ended, Marichalar approached Bruguera and Aquiles and berated them because Bruguera didn’t criticize Fidel Castro during remarks she made at the start of the evening’s gala. Aquiles told the royal to mind his own business because “as a lifelong resident of Cuba,” he didn’t need anyone to tell him “what life was like on the island.” Screaming that Castro was an “assassin” and “un maricón,” De Marichalar had to be yanked away by Bianca Jagger—a friend of his wife, Infanta Elena—as Calvin Klein and Barry Diller looked on in bewilderment.

Ladies’ Man: Green Machine
Tom Green continues to have a way with the ladies. A West Coast tipster recently spied Alias hottie Merrin Dungey—she plays the good and evil twins Francie and Allison—howling over dinner with a friend at Lucques restaurant in L.A. Dungey was reminiscing about making out with the ex–Mr. Drew Barrymore at a party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. But Green’s got some competition. Dungey also revealed that she recently enjoyed some intimate time with Travis Fimmel, the former Calvin Klein model who stars in the new WB series Tarzan.

“Sadly, I have to admit it was Michelle Rodriguez. She could kick all our butts and still be home in time for dinner.”
-LL Cool J, on who was the toughest cast member in his new movie, S.W.A.T.

Hamptons Watch: Sand Castle
One of East Hampton’s most famous houses, known as the “TWA Terminal” for its modernist design, may soon have a new owner. We hear Elie Tahari recently offered $13 million for the Raphael Vinoly house. When it was built more than a decade ago, Lee Radziwill bitterly protested that it would block her views of Pink Beach.

Behind the Catwalk: Nicole Miller Is Ready for Her cCose-up.
We hear Nicole Miller is in talks to star in a reality show for the Style network. The designer—who started her business over twenty years ago and has dressed celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Kim Cattrall—says she has no problem showing the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of fashion. “Arnold is running for governor and J. Lo is designing clothes,” she said. “There are no more rules. Anything is possible now.” With her signature smock dresses and quirky print ties and scarves, Miller’s company brought in about $130 million in revenue last year.

The Paris Hilton Sex Tape…Nicole Miller Gets Re […]