Below the Beltway

Keith J. Kelly, New York Post media columnist: “The Times interview damaged him at his own paper, is what I’ve heard. If you break a lot of news, you become a personality, but you’re not a personality just by showing up. We’ve seen many a gossip columnist fall on that foil. A. J. Benza is the prime example.”

Choire Sicha, editor, “Mr. Grove has spent so much time in our nation’s capital, I’m sure it’ll take him a while to get socialized to human interaction.”

Howard Kurtz, Washington Post media columnist: “If Lloyd can work the Apple the way he did the Beltway, he’ll wind up with half the town hating him. Who else is self-promotional enough to score a front-page piece in the Times before he even starts work?”

Mitchell Fink, former Daily News gossip: “If he breaks big stories, he’ll be fine. But if he’s going to write lead items about Billy Bush and farting, then I’m afraid he’s in for a very long season.”

Joyce Wadler, New York Times: “Oy! My first thought was, Man, I bet Rush and Molloy are going to be sleeping like babies tonight. I mean, did somebody tell him, ‘Well, in New York, what you really want to do is lead with a fart gag’? Will he last? Under Mort? Does anyone?”

Below the Beltway