Tiger Beat

Jim Breheny, associate general curator, Bronx Zoo: “One of our veterinarians and I were the first in the apartment, and we were amazed that it really didn’t smell. Adult male tigers tend to have a distinct odor, so whatever he was doing to keep that down, if he could figure out how to market it to all the people who have kitty litter, he’d make a million dollars.”

Howard Rubenstein, PR guru: “I think people look at him kindly. I could pitch him to Exxon to revive the tiger in your tank, or to Kellogg for Tony the Tiger spots. He could use ‘Hold that tiger, hold that tiger’ as his theme song.”

Bobby Zarem, PR man: “I don’t see the difference between living with a tiger and a gator and almost any regular marriage. He should feel good riddance and not want them back.”

Nadine Johnson, PR woman: “Perhaps Antoine should market a new ‘Scoop-a-poop’ for oversize felines or dogs.”

Robert Siegel, chairman of Lacoste: “How many times do I have to tell people: We use a croc! He should be sent to our headquarters in Paris to lecture on the true difference between a crocodile and an alligator.”

Tiger Beat