For a Song

Wendy Wasserstein, playwright, Upper West Side: “We have Loews Lincoln Square, so why not Loews the Whole Area? You could have as many Raisinettes as you wanted!”

Elaine Kaufman, restaurateur, Upper East Side: “Mayor Bloomberg. He could give us all those mountain bikes.”

Barbara Corcoran, real-estate queen, Carnegie Hill: “Ralph Lauren for all the moms on Madison Avenue in their cable-knit cashmere sweaters and the men in their khakis and loafers. It’s mostly new money parading as old money, just the way Ralph Lauren came from Arthur Avenue in the Bronx.”

C. Virginia Fields, Manhattan borough president: “AOL. Harlem is on the rise and it needs better Internet access. The AOL Instant Messenger figure could shout, ‘Hey, here comes Harlem!’ ”

DMC, rapper, Hollis, Queens: “The NFL. Because we are ‘Not for Losing.’ We rough, we tough, and we’re All-Pro, a championship dynasty—Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Davey D, Salt ’n Pepa. The NFL players all think they’re hip-hoppers anyway.”

Murray Hill, drag king: “George Foreman grills for my namesake neighborhood. We need to promote meat in other areas of the city.”

For a Song