Rated XXX (for Language)

Our guide to peter Biskind’s bitchy, mudslinging Down and Dirty Pictures—the book Sundancers will be dog-earing all the way to Park City.

Haynes, Todd: “fucking little motherfucker,” 429

October Films: as “pimple on the elephant’s butt,” 349

Penn, Sean: peeing into Miramax urinal, 337

Redford, Robert: paralyzed by perfectionism, 10; as passive-aggressive, 39; as “still so passive-aggressive,” 204; as fuddy-duddy admirer of J. Peterman catalogue, 232

Spike Lee: as moral scold, 79, 317–318, 364, 377; as unafraid critic, 79, 317–318, 364, 377

Tarantino, Quentin: egotistically dreaming of “getting laid by the country of China,” 220; his “huge foot fetish,” 314; his propensity, when violent, to turn “into a black male,” 316

Weinstein, Harvey: as “fat fuck,” 4, 440; as “Lizzie Grubman of the movie business,” 4; as half-cooked pancake, 13; as “complete disaster as a person,” 100; as “a little Saddam Hussein of cinema,” 184; as “mighty oak,” 226; as “Angelina Jolie before Angelina Jolie,” 236; under impression he could blow October Films exec away “with one of my weakest farts,” 300; practically issuing press releases about each fart, 377; “The devil himself! Satan! Lucifer!,” 374; as populist who’s “gotta make the arty shit,” 377; as self-proclaimed Ariel Sharon, tank commander, and king, 385; afflicted by “mysterious Kremlin leader illness,” 391; his habit of treating Gwyneth better than other employees, 392; as “savage in the jungle” and scorpion, 396; in need of metaphorical Atkins diet, 471; as Terminator, 476

Rated XXX (for Language)