All You Need Is Rove

Kat Kinsman did not tickle Karl Rove awake on Christmas before feeding him creamed ham. The 31-year-old’s affair with “Rovey” has played out only in the reality of her Photoshopped “erotomaniacal diary,” Until the Secret Service called. Was this inspired by Midge Decter’s hot-for-Rumsfeld book? No, I just got a copy. It’s sort of been this joke with my friends—“I would love to get a drink with Karl Rove.” This was before I knew he was married.

How’d the G-men find out about the site? After it was linked on Gawker, I got a message from agent Brendan McGee. He said, “Katherine Kinsman, I need to sit down and talk to you.” I thought somebody was fucking with me. Then I checked my logs and I had all these hits from—the Secret Service. I was sort of freaked out. First, I put up a disclaimer. Then I left him a message. Then I called the ACLU.

And then? Someone called and said, “Agent McGee is on vacation, but you’re no longer under investigation. He didn’t want you to worry.”

That’s a relief. I think the ACLU guy was disappointed.

So do you still want to make erotic snow angels with Rove? I told the Secret Service I had no intention of meeting Karl Rove. It would be really exciting, though.

All You Need Is Rove