Hot Coco

Why the crowd—is that a new place on 74th Street? No, it’s still Coco Pazzo, but the prodigal son has unexpectedly returned! Ten years after his ferocious feud with owner Pino Luongo, Mark Strausman, the original “crazy chef” who stormed off to open Campagna, is back as a partner.

I see. Steve Martin, Jack Welch, and Mary Tyler Moore have been spotted, and De Niro has been scarfing the osso bucco. And it’s a hit with nearly every plastic surgeon in town.

So it got a face-lift? Nope, and Strausman’s still doing Coco classics, like rigatoni alla buttera—with cream. Delish!

Sounds calorific. Yes, but I’ve just dropped $20,000 on Casa membership, so I need something to work off!

Coco Pazzo, 23 East 74th Street (212-794-0205)

Hot Coco