Cash Blow

Ever glanced at your friend’s ATM receipt “by accident” and thought, “How much!?” Check out this cross-town survey of scavenged receipts and weep—whether out of envy or sympathy.

HSBC, Madison Ave. and 89th St., $441,783.90 (savings). Available balance: $363,429.90.

Chase, 11 W. 51st St., $58,470.95 (checking).

Wachovia, 49 Rockefeller Plaza $24,951 (checking).

Chase, Carroll St. and Seventh Ave., Brooklyn, $907.76 (checking).

North Fork Bank, Madison Ave. and 48th St., $130.48 (savings).

Washington Mutual, Sixth Ave. and W. 4th St., $0.58 (checking).

Fleet, Fifth Ave. and 48th St., –$395.44. Cash reserve available: –$0.43.

Chase, Madison Ave. and 86th St., TRANSACTION DENIED.

Cash Blow