Penthouse Work

Hey, why no shirt? It’s 10-below outside! It’s hot at the Penthouse Executive Club, where the exotic dancers have started giving striptease lessons.

You’re quitting your day job to become a stripper? No, this is for my boyfriend’s eyes only! “I just wanted to try it,” says Diana, a marketing exec in her thirties. “Not all women are comfortable with their bodies, and it’s fun to unleash things you may be inhibited about.”

One-on-one instruction—or are you taking it off for everyone to see? You can do it with a group of friends or individually. It’s a bonding experience—kind of like a slumber party. “It’s just more down-and-dirty,” explains Jen, 32, a voice-over actress.

But who needs lessons to take your clothes off? “You have to have confidence to perform a striptease,” says DeAngela, who’s been stripping for eleven years—and recommends using ice cubes whenever possible. “You have to know your inner beauty to be secure enough to perform.” Yeah, baby. To book: 212-245- 0002.

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Penthouse Work