Survivor: Fashion Week

Every editor knows that the truly deluxe gift bags (oh, those leather goods!) are in Milan, though Paris does do great flowers. In New York, there’s the 7th on Sixth press bag—a Kipling nylon knapsack, like people carry to spin class on the Upper West Side—filled to the gills with logo-laden, sponsor-donated swag. If you couldn’t make it to the Condé Nast cafeteria for a pit stop, could you survive a whole day, in the wilds of midtown, on its contents alone?

Clothing: 1 Olympus Fashion Week T-shirt designed and signed by Esteban Cortazar; 1 Song Airlines hat.

Nourishment: 1 liter of Evian, 1 box of Ethel M chocolate, 1 bag Dunkin’ Donuts coffee grounds, 1 tin Altoids, drink coupons for Guastavino’s.

Hygiene:1 Reach flosser, 1 tub of Redken hairstyling product, 1 box Crest Whitestrips, 1 Evian Brumatiseur, 1 tube Aveeno lotion, 1 M.A.C pouch with mirror and lipstick.

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Survivor: Fashion Week