The Living Isn’t Easy

Johnnie Cochran, lawyer
“Win the case. I don’t think she should plea-bargain. And I think she’s going to have a lot more support than she believes if she prevails. She can be quite a heroine.”

Dan Klores, PR man
“Whoever has advised her from a PR basis should lose his license. The best thing she could do is hire me. Second-best is be out there in public. An innocent person goes about their life. She should have been at Michael’s today for lunch.”

Camille Paglia, cultural critic
“Even if Martha Stewart had stuck up the Bank of England, it wouldn’t affect her historical importance as an epic reformer of American design and taste. Martha needs to write her artistic autobiography—all pictures, no words.”

Raoul Felder, lawyer
“She has all these cooking skills; she should devote time to working for the homeless.”

Ed Hayes, lawyer
“Usually the best thing you can do if people think you’re greedy is give away money.”

Jerry Della Femina, adman
“Write a tell-all book. It would do a lot better than Hillary’s. Women are a lot more sympathetic to Martha than to Hillary. But they’ve both been screwed by members of the government.”

The Living Isn’t Easy