The Lizzie Skinny

Friends of Lizzie
Dori Cooperman: Childhood friend, former employee, and confidant; was in the SUV.
Tara Reid: Grubman adviser about boys and makeup – but a criminal case?
Andrew Sasson: Ex-boyfriend (and Jet East owner); Grubman reportedly fled to his house after the accident.
Peggy Siegal: Grubman’s fire-breathing partner; currently on the team – but is all this going to change the relationship?

The Legal Team
Edward Burke Jr.: His Suffolk County connections (Dad’s a judge) made Burke call No. 1.
Stephen Scaring: Straight-shooting star of the Suffolk County defense bar; handling the criminal case.
Ed Hayes: Tart-tongued master strategist and friend of the powerful.

Allen’s Kitchen Cabinet
Tommy Mottola: Client of father and daughter.
Martha Stewart: Lily Pond Lane neighbor; finger sandwiches for the defense team?
Fred Davis: High-powered music-business attorney (who happens to be Clive Davis’s son).

Adam Wacht: Little-known record exec suing Grubman for $30 million – that’ll make the music business take notice.
Scott Conlon: Bouncer with relatively minor injuries (no broken bones) added to famous (White trash!) insult. No lawsuit. Yet.
Nadine Johnson: High-powered P.R. woman; employed Lizzie before she got hot. Word is, has never forgiven her.
Col Allan: Editor, New York Post. Taking a tough populist line – but what does Rupert think?

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The Lizzie Skinny