What Sort of Prenups Should J.Lo and Ben Get?

“His-and-hers prenups: She promises to stay married for a year. He promises not to drink until she drives him insane with her flirting. Both include a ‘No mention of P. Diddy’ clause.”

“There are questions of career enhancement if the marriage lasts. They have to protect that mysterious something called celebrity status – the courts put a value on it, and you want that wiped out by a prenup.”

“I always wanted to have a prenup that said, ‘You will love me forever, and if you don’t, you die!’ “

“A prenup is an ugly instrument, but they’d better have one. If I didn’t have mine, I would not own all these beautiful buildings.”

“I’m not in favor of prenups. There’s something about controlling your options that may make it easier to walk out, which isn’t always the best solution.”

“Don’t get a sunset clause. Jack Welch had a prenup that protected him for ten years and then he got involved with a woman at the eleventh or twelfth year.”

What Sort of Prenups Should J.Lo and Ben Get?