Contract on America: Ali G vs. Newtie.Photo: Courtesy of HBO

Ali G, faux-black TV personality (né Sacha Baron Cohen) has ridiculed British politicians and celebs foolish enough to agree to be interviewed by him. Now he’s brought his unique sense of mockery to HBO where, starting February 21, he interrogates the likes of Michael Dukakis, Newt Gingrich, Edwin Meese, Dr. C. Everett Koop, and Brent Scowcroft. (Ali G: “Did they ever find out who sent the Tampax through the mail?” Scowcroft: “I think you mean anthrax.” Ali G: “No, I does not; I think that is one of the cultural differences I’ve been warned about.”) We caught up with Ali G on his Blackberry. —Precious Williams

Who is your dream interview?
Definitely Destiny’s Child—if me got an hour in a room wit dem 9 months later u’d be seein a Destiny’s Grandchild a’ight. Me would most like to do it wit de one wiv fat thighs, while de other 2 lezzed off in de corner.

Who have been your best interviews so far?
Me bestest one woz wit de world’s most famous lesbian—called Naomi Wolf—it went very very well, me cant go into pacifics but lets just say she weren’t actin very lesbianically by de end.

Do you like Tony Blair?
Who iz he? Oh yeah … me liked his first movie he did about dat witch project. respek.

And what do you think of George Bush?
I reckon he iz a genius.