Rudy Dearest

“The only thing I won’t be doing is writing a book,” quipped the normally taciturn Colleen Roche, loyal press secretary to Rudy Giuliani, as she announced her resignation last week. Fine, be that way. But when all is said and done, who in the mayor’s inner circle will decide to pull a Stephanopoulos? Some possibilities:

* Howard Safir, Oscar-going police commissioner: There’s No Business Like Police Business: How to Wipe Out Crime and Sell a Screenplay in Just 60 Days

* Bruce Teitelbaum, Giuliani political-committee chief (and the force behind the Website): HTML for Dummies, or: All Too Subhuman: How to Launch a Negative Campaign Before You Have an Opponent

* Ray Harding, Liberal Party chief: A Family Affair: A Guide to Getting the Kids Nice City Jobs

* Rudy Crew, schools chief: Chancellors Who Love Too Much: A Survivor’s Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Enabling

* Ninfa Segarra, deputy mayor: La Lucha Continua: The (Continuing) Struggle to Figure Out What Exactly My Job Was

Rudy Dearest