Rudy Redux

Maybe he was just too much mayor for one movie, but there are now two TVprojects on Rudy Giuliani in the works. And the differences between them areas big as the man himself.

1. USA
2. NBC

Based on:
1. Rudy! An Investigative Biography of Rudolph Giuliani, by Wayne Barrett
2. Rudy Giuliani: Emperor of the City, by Andrew Kirtzman

How long?
1. Two hours (“A major event movie” –Jeff Wachtel, of USA Network)
2. Three hours (“This one’s a big event” –Co-producer Lorenzo Minoli)

1. End of 2002
2. February sweeps, 2003

1. Stanley Weiser (Witness to the Mob)
2. Nicholas Meyer (Fatal Attraction)

Tag line:
1. “A true leader in a time of national crisis” –Wachtel
2. “A modern-day Caesar” –Minoli

Who’s playing Rudy?
1. “Quality begets quality, and we couldn’t be more excited about JamesWoods” –Wachtel
2. “We had spoken with the agent of James Woods … Now we have alist.” –Minoli

Rudy Redux